Where To Buy Michigan Native Plants

Where To Buy Michigan Native Plants

Buying Michigan native plants can be a delightful way to support local ecosystems and beautify your garden with species that are well-adapted to your region. We’ve put together a list of great places to buy native plants in Michigan.

Northern Michigan

Bright Lane Gardens (Lake Ann, MI | Traverse City, MI)

  • Overview: Bright Lane Gardens is a local nursery that offers a variety of Michigan native plants. They focus on providing high-quality native species that support local wildlife and pollinators. This nursery also offers hard to find varieties of native plants.
  • Offerings: The nursery offers a wide range of native plants, including perennials, shrubs, and grasses. They also provide landscaping advice and design services. Several in-person sales are held every summer, with online sales & local pickup available all season long.
  • Website: brightlanegardens.com

Southern Central Michigan

Wildtype Native Plant Nursery (Mason, MI)

    • Overview: Wildtype specializes in Michigan native plants, offering a wide variety of species including wildflowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs. They focus on providing high-quality plants that are genetically appropriate for local ecosystems.
    • Offerings: The nursery offers both container-grown plants and bare-root plants. They also provide consulting services for habitat restoration and landscaping projects.
    • Website: wildtypeplants.com

Michigan Wildflower Farm (Portland, MI)

    • Overview: This farm is dedicated to growing and supplying seeds for native wildflowers and grasses. Their mission is to promote the use of native plants for landscaping and habitat restoration.
    • Offerings: They offer a wide range of seed mixes tailored to different habitats and purposes, such as pollinator gardens and erosion control.
    • Website: michiganwildflowerfarm.com

Designs By Nature (Lansing, MI)

    • Overview: Designs By Nature offers a diverse selection of native plants and specializes in ecological landscaping. They emphasize the use of native plants to create sustainable and wildlife-friendly landscapes.
    • Offerings: Besides selling plants, they offer design and installation services, helping customers create beautiful native plant gardens.
    • Website: designsbynaturellc.com

West Michigan

Hidden Savanna Nursery (Martin, MI)

    • Overview: Hidden Savanna Nursery focuses on native perennials, grasses, and shrubs. They are committed to conserving native plant species and supporting local wildlife.
    • Offerings: The nursery offers a variety of native plants suitable for different garden conditions, from full sun to full shade.
    • Website: hiddensavanna.com

Native Connections (Three Rivers, MI)

    • Overview: Native Connections specializes in native grasses and wildflowers, offering both seeds and plants. They aim to provide materials for prairie restorations, conservation plantings, and sustainable landscapes.
    • Offerings: They provide custom seed mixes and offer consulting services for land restoration and conservation projects.
    • Website: nativeconnections.net

East Michigan

East Michigan Native Plants (Flint, MI)

  • Overview: East Michigan Native Plants offers a variety of native species and is dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of using native plants in landscaping.
  • Offerings: They sell native plants and provide resources and advice for creating native plant gardens.
  • Website: eastmichnatives.com
A monarch butterfly perches on the flower of a milkweed plant in a meadow.

Online Resources

Prairie Nursery (Westfield, WI)

  • Overview: Prairie Nursery, though based in Wisconsin, ships a large selection of native plants to Michigan. They have over 40 years of experience in growing and supplying native plants.
  • Offerings: They offer a wide variety of native plants, including wildflowers, grasses, sedges, ferns, and shrubs. They also provide detailed planting guides and resources.
  • Website: prairienursery.com

Bright Lane Gardens (Lake Ann, MI)

  • Overview: A full online offering of plants that are native to Northern Michigan, along with helpful descriptions and guides for planting.
  • Offerings: All native plants are available for order online. Local pickup only, this nursery does not ship plants. You are able to choose your preferred pickup date, and the plants are available by 10am on that date. No call ahead is necessary.
  • Website: brightlanegardens.com

Local Plant Sales and Events

Michigan Native Plant Sales and Swap Events

  • Many local environmental organizations, botanical gardens, and community groups host native plant sales and swap events. These events are great opportunities to buy native plants, often at lower prices, and connect with other gardeners and experts.
  • Finding Events: Check local event listings, community boards, social media groups, and the websites of local environmental organizations for upcoming sales and events.

Conservation District Annual Sales

  • Many conservation districts will hold annual or semi-annual native plant sales as a way to raise money for conservation efforts. These sales are often run by volunteers and can be a great way to support your local conservation districts.
  • Finding Events: Check your local conservation district’s websites and social media accounts for information on any upcoming native plant sales. Your township or county website will have any information on conservation efforts in your region.

Botanical Gardens and Arboretums

Matthaei Botanical Gardens (Ann Arbor, MI)

    • Overview: Matthaei Botanical Gardens is part of the University of Michigan and often hosts native plant sales, workshops, and educational events.
    • Offerings: They offer native plants during their sales events and provide a wealth of information on native plant gardening and conservation.
    • Website: mbgna.umich.edu

Shop Local For Native Plants

Shopping local for native plants is crucial for several reasons. When you buy from local nurseries and growers, you support small businesses and your community’s economy. These local suppliers are often more knowledgeable about the specific needs and benefits of native plants in your area, providing personalized advice and high-quality plants that are well-suited to your local climate and soil conditions.

Moreover, incorporating native plants into your landscaping is essential for ecological health. Native plants are adapted to the local environment, requiring less water and fewer chemicals than non-native species. They provide critical habitat and food sources for local wildlife, including pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are vital for ecosystem stability. By choosing native plants, you help preserve biodiversity, enhance the resilience of local ecosystems, and contribute to the overall health of the environment.

A Michigan native plant sale located in Northern Michigan at Bright Lane Gardens.