Bagged local compost provided by Krull's Composting in Maple City, MI.

Humus is the soil glue that holds all other nutrients, life, and water in the soil.

Unlike a regular compost that can spread seeds weeds and pathogens, Humus is fully broken down and then built back up.

Regular compost can get depleted or washed out of the soil with in a year.

But Humus is an active soil carbon, full of life, that continues to build your soil, and sequester carbon for up to 60 years!

Humus levels in the soil is the number one factor in determining the profitability of a farm or crop. Not just because of it’s organic matter content, but it’s ability to hold all other nutrients and life in the soil, the fact that it can hold twice its weight in water, and acts as a camilleon for plants and soil, adjusting to whatever the plants and soils needs are.