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Introducing Nova Red Raspberry Plants – a staple addition to any Northern Michigan backyard garden. These stunning plants boast vibrant foliage and produce succulent berries bursting with sweet, tangy flavor.

Berry Description:

Nova Red Raspberries are renowned for their brilliant red hue and glossy appearance. Each berry is plump, with a soft yet firm texture that yields to a juicy interior. With a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity, these berries offer a sensational culinary experience. Whether enjoyed fresh off the vine or incorporated into various culinary creations, their flavor profile is simply irresistible.

Plant Description:

Nova Red Raspberry plants are characterized by their robust canes and lush green foliage. At maturity, these plants typically reach a height of 4-6 feet, making them perfect for garden beds or containers. They thrive in well-drained soil with ample sunlight, though they can also tolerate partial shade. With proper care and maintenance, these plants produce abundant harvests of delectable berries year after year.

Growing Requirements:

  • Soil: Well-drained, fertile soil is ideal for Nova Red Raspberry plants.
  • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade.
  • Watering: Consistent watering, especially during the growing season and dry spells, is crucial for optimal growth and fruit production.
  • Pruning: Regular pruning helps maintain plant vigor and promote fruiting. Remove old canes after fruiting to encourage new growth.
  • Support: Provide support for the canes, such as trellises or stakes, to prevent them from sprawling and facilitate easy harvesting.