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Introducing our Miss Kim Lilac in a convenient 1.5-gallon pot, a charming and budget-friendly option for adding beauty and fragrance to your garden or landscape. Perfect for filling in borders or hedges with the timeless appeal of lilacs.


  • Miss Kim Lilac showcases clusters of fragrant, lavender-purple blooms in late spring, creating a stunning display of color and fragrance.
  • Its compact size and dense foliage provide a neat and tidy appearance, making it ideal for smaller gardens or as a low-maintenance border plant.

Growing Requirements:

  • Well-drained soil with average fertility
  • Full sun to partial shade exposure for optimal flowering
  • Regular watering, particularly during dry spells, to establish roots and support growth
  • Pruning after flowering to maintain shape and encourage bushier growth

Mature Size/Shape:

  • Height: 4 to 6 feet
  • Spread: 4 to 6 feet
  • Compact, rounded growth habit with dense branching, creating a lush and full appearance ideal for borders or hedges

Budget-Friendly Option:

  • Miss Kim Lilac in a 1.5-gallon pot is an excellent budget-friendly option for gardeners looking to fill in borders or hedges with lilacs without breaking the bank.
  • Despite its smaller size, Miss Kim Lilac still offers the same beautiful blooms and fragrance as larger lilac varieties, providing value and beauty to any garden or landscape.

Enhance your garden or landscape with the beauty and fragrance of Miss Kim Lilac in a 1-gallon pot. Order yours today and enjoy the charm and affordability of this classic lilac variety in your outdoor space!