Japanese Maple, Red Dragon


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A beautiful tree, compact in size with finely detailed leaves. Leaves are a deep red in the spring and summer, turning a bright firery red in the fall. This tree is compact enough to grow in a container. Prefers part sun/part shade. Sold in a 5 gallon pot.

4 in stock

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Introducing our Red Dragon Japanese Maple Tree in a convenient 5-gallon pot, a striking addition to any garden or landscape with its exquisite foliage and graceful form. Elevate your outdoor space with the beauty of this ornamental tree.


  • The Red Dragon Japanese Maple showcases deeply lobed, crimson-red leaves that retain their vibrant color throughout the growing season.
  • Its delicate foliage forms an elegant cascading canopy, creating a stunning focal point in any garden or landscape design.

Growing Requirements:

  • Well-drained, acidic soil
  • Partial shade to protect foliage from scorching in hot summer climates
  • Regular watering, particularly during dry spells, to maintain soil moisture
  • Mulching around the base of the tree helps retain moisture and regulate soil temperature

Mature Size/Shape:

  • Height: 6 to 8 feet
  • Spread: 4 to 6 feet
  • Compact, mounding form with cascading branches, ideal for smaller gardens or as a specimen tree in a larger landscape

Why Red Dragon Japanese Maple Thrives:

  • Red Dragon Japanese Maple trees are well-suited to Northern Michigan's climate, thriving in cooler temperatures and adapting well to the region's acidic soils.
  • The tree's compact size and graceful form make it an excellent choice for gardens with limited space or as an understory planting beneath taller trees.
  • Its striking foliage adds color and texture to the landscape, providing year-round interest and enhancing the beauty of any outdoor setting.

Enhance the beauty of your Northern Michigan garden with our Red Dragon Japanese Maple Tree in a 5-gallon pot. Order yours today and enjoy the elegance of this captivating ornamental tree in your outdoor space!


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