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Introducing our Charles Joly Lilac in a convenient 3-gallon pot, a timeless addition to any garden or landscape with its fragrant and abundant blooms. Embrace the beauty and elegance of this classic lilac variety, perfectly suited for the climate of Northern Michigan.


  • Charles Joly Lilac features dense clusters of double, deep purple blooms with a delightful fragrance that fills the air in late spring.
  • Its dark green foliage provides a lush backdrop for the vibrant flowers, creating a stunning contrast and adding visual interest to the garden.

Growing Requirements:

  • Well-drained soil with good organic content
  • Full sun exposure for optimal flowering
  • Regular watering, particularly during dry spells, to maintain soil moisture and support healthy growth
  • Pruning after flowering to remove spent blooms and shape the plant

Mature Size/Shape:

  • Height: 8 to 12 feet
  • Spread: 6 to 8 feet
  • Upright, spreading growth habit with arching branches, creating a graceful silhouette and providing habitat for birds and beneficial insects

Why Charles Joly Lilac Thrives in Northern Michigan:

  • Charles Joly Lilac is well-adapted to the climate of Northern Michigan, with cold winters and mild summers.
  • Its cold-hardy nature ensures reliable flowering year after year, even after harsh winters, providing gardeners with a reliable source of beauty and fragrance.
  • Additionally, the vibrant blooms of Charles Joly Lilac attract pollinators, including butterflies and bees, contributing to ecosystem health and biodiversity in Northern Michigan's gardens and landscapes.

Enhance the beauty and fragrance of your Northern Michigan garden with our Charles Joly Lilac in a 3-gallon pot. Order yours today and enjoy the timeless elegance and delightful fragrance of this classic lilac variety in your outdoor space!