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**This plant is NATIVE to Northern Michigan

Growing Requirements:

  • Thrives in rich, moist, well-drained soil
  • Prefers partial to full shade
  • Adaptable to various soil types, including loamy and sandy soils
  • Requires consistent moisture for optimal growth
  • Hardy in USDA zones 4-8


The American Spikenard (Aralia racemosa) is a captivating perennial herbaceous plant characterized by its tall, erect stems, large compound leaves, and clusters of small, white flowers that develop into dark purple berries. Its foliage is deeply lobed and resembles that of a large umbrella, adding a tropical touch to any garden or landscape. This native plant is prized for its ornamental value and ability to attract wildlife.

Mature Size and Form:

In optimal conditions, the American Spikenard can reach a towering height of 3 to 8 feet with a spread of 2 to 4 feet. It forms a clump-like structure, with its stems rising vertically from a central base, creating a striking architectural presence in garden beds or woodland areas.

Benefits to the Local Ecosystem:

The American Spikenard offers several ecological benefits, enriching the local ecosystem and supporting biodiversity:

  • Wildlife Attraction: Its flowers provide nectar for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, while its berries serve as a food source for birds and small mammals, enhancing the overall wildlife habitat.
  • Shelter and Nesting Sites: The dense foliage of American Spikenard provides shelter and nesting sites for birds, insects, and small mammals, contributing to the habitat diversity and ecological balance.
  • Soil Stabilization: The extensive root system of American Spikenard helps stabilize soil and prevent erosion, particularly in shaded or woodland areas where soil erosion can be a concern.
  • Visual Appeal: With its tall stature and bold foliage, American Spikenard adds drama and interest to garden beds, borders, and natural landscapes, creating a visually striking focal point.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, American Spikenard is relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal pruning or care, making it an attractive option for gardeners seeking a fuss-free addition to their landscape.