Why Granny Smith Apple Trees Are Still A Universal Favorite

Why Granny Smith Apple Trees Are Still A Universal Favorite

Granny Smith apple trees are deciduous, medium to large-sized trees known for producing tart, green-skinned apples with crisp, juicy flesh. They require cross-pollination, have good disease resistance, and are prized for their culinary versatility, often used in baking and enjoyed fresh or in salads.

Despite an onslaught of new apples hitting grocery store shelves in the past decade, Granny Smith apples are still a universal favorite – and here’s why!

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Where Can Granny Smith Apples Grow?

Granny Smith apples grow best in regions with a temperate climate that experiences distinct seasons, including a cold winter period. They thrive in areas with full sun exposure, well-drained soil, and adequate rainfall or irrigation. 

Regions known for successful Granny Smith apple cultivation include parts of the United States with warm summers and moist, chilly winters (such as Washington State and Michigan), Australia (where they originated), New Zealand, and various other apple-growing regions around the world. 

The specific suitability of a location can vary depending on factors like local climate, soil type, and care practices, so it’s essential for growers to consider these factors when selecting a planting site.

Where To Buy Granny Smith Apple Trees

Investing time and money into fruit trees can be a commitment. That is why we strongly recommend only purchasing your apple trees from a reputable company that specializes in fruit tree products. The following trees are available through our trusted apple tree supplier – they’ll ship straight to your door!

Granny Smith Apple Tree:

Granny Smith apples have a tart and tangy flavor that is quite pronounced. The tartness is a defining characteristic of this apple variety and sets it apart from many other sweeter apple varieties. *This is a self-fertile Granny Smith apple variety – meaning you only need 1 tree to successfully produce fruit!

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Anna Apple Tree

The Anna apple tree is a popular choice among granny smith apple fans because the tree itself has similar growing requirements (can handle very low temperatures and produces fruit quickly). Additionally, apples picked earlier in the season have that classic tart flavor that granny smith apples are known for.

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Granny smith apples are a universal favorite and are self pollinating apple trees.

Granny Smith Apple Tree

When Do You Harvest Granny Smith Apples?

Granny Smith apples are typically harvested in the fall, with the exact timing depending on your specific location and climate. Generally, they are ready for harvest from late September to November. 

To determine the optimal harvest time, look for apples with a uniform and vibrant green color, firm and crisp texture, and a balance of tartness and sweetness that suits your taste. Apples should also easily separate from the tree with a gentle twist or lift when they are ripe, and harvesting may occur over several weeks to ensure the best quality fruit.

How Large Can A Granny Smith Apple Tree Grow?

Granny Smith apple trees typically grow to a medium to large size. The mature size of a Granny Smith apple tree can vary depending on factors like the specific rootstock used (which can affect tree size), local growing conditions, and how it’s pruned and managed. 

Generally, a mature Granny Smith apple tree can reach a height of 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters) and have a similar or slightly greater spread, with the canopy spreading outwards. Proper pruning and training can help manage the tree’s size and shape to suit the available space and make it easier to care for and harvest.

Do Dwarf Granny Smith Apple Trees Exist?

Yes, there are dwarf Granny Smith apple tree varieties available. Dwarf apple trees, including dwarf Granny Smith apple trees, are cultivated specifically to have a smaller stature compared to standard-sized apple trees. These dwarf varieties are suitable for smaller gardens, patios, or spaces where a full-sized apple tree would be impractical.

Dwarf apple trees are typically created by grafting or budding a Granny Smith apple variety onto a dwarfing rootstock. The rootstock controls the size of the resulting tree, keeping it more compact.

An apple the whole family can universally love and enjoy - granny smith apples are easy to grow!

Benefits Of Growing Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith apple trees offer several benefits, making them a popular choice for orchards and home gardens. Here are some of the advantages of growing Granny Smith apple trees:

  1. Versatile Culinary Use: Granny Smith apples are known for their tart flavor, making them excellent for use in a wide range of culinary applications. They are often used in baking, especially in pies, crisps, and turnovers. They can also be used to make applesauce, salads, and as a tart snacking apple.
  2. Long Storage Life: Granny Smith apples have good keeping qualities and can be stored for several months in a cool and dry environment. This makes them available for use well into the winter months.
  3. Disease Resistance: Granny Smith apple trees are generally known for their good disease resistance, which can help reduce the need for chemical treatments and make them a relatively low-maintenance choice for orchard growers.
  4. Attractive Blossoms: In the spring, Granny Smith apple trees produce clusters of white to pale pink blossoms, which not only add beauty to the landscape but also attract pollinators.
  5. Excellent Pollinator: While most Granny Smith apple trees require cross-pollination from another apple variety for fruit production, they also serve as a good pollinator for other apple trees in the orchard, promoting overall fruit yield.
  6. Adaptability: Granny Smith apple trees are adaptable to a range of climates and can be grown in various regions with suitable growing conditions, making them accessible to a broad range of growers.
  7. Market Popularity: Granny Smith apples are widely recognized and popular in the market, making them a potentially profitable choice for commercial orchards.
  8. Educational Value: Growing Granny Smith apple trees can be a valuable educational experience for schools and gardening programs, teaching students about fruit tree cultivation, biology, and the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Overall, Granny Smith apple trees offer a combination of culinary versatility, long storage life, and disease resistance, making them a desirable choice for growers and a favorite among consumers who enjoy their distinctive tart flavor and crisp texture.

Where Does The Name “Granny Smith” Come From?

The name “Granny Smith” for the apple variety originates from Maria Ann Smith, an Australian woman known as “Granny” Smith. In the 1860s, she discovered a chance seedling with distinctively green-skinned apples and tart, crisp flesh in her garden in Ryde, New South Wales. Impressed by the apple’s qualities, she cultivated the tree and propagated its apples. 

After her death in 1870, the apple variety was officially named “Granny Smith” in her honor, with “Granny” reflecting her age and role as a grandmother. Today, Granny Smith apples are celebrated globally for their unique flavor and have become one of the most recognizable apple varieties.

Start Your Own Backyard Orchard

Growing your own fruit trees can be immensely rewarding. Unlike traditional gardens that grow annual vegetables, fruit trees can often continue to grow with little intervention year after year. Once the tree is large enough to produce fruit, you are treated with an abundant harvest that grows each year. 

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