10 Best Gardening Tools

10 Best Gardening Tools

Invest In Good Gardening Tools

Good garden tools can make a huge difference when it comes to yard work. We believe that investing in good garden tools can save you time, effort, and money in the long run, while also making gardening more enjoyable and safer. These are some of our favorite garden tools and accessories that we use in our yard:

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10 Best Gardening Tools

A Hori Hori knife is a versatile Japanese gardening tool. This knife is widely considered a weeding knife, but can also be used for planting, digging, cutting, transplanting and slicing. This all-in-one tool is a must have for any avid gardener.

The Hori Hori knife by Garden Guru has measurement marks that make planting depths a breeze! The blade is made of a rust-resistant stainless steel that is concave with a sharp edge, perfect for scooping and cutting. Garden Guru offers a lifetime guarantee on the Hori Hori knife, ensuring a quality product or gift for the gardener in your life.

This is the garden tool you didn’t even know you needed. Electric pruning shears may seem a little ‘extra’ for the average gardener, but trust me – you need these! These electric pruning shears make springtime pruning easy on the hands and far more efficient. 

Equipped with carbon steel blades, these pruning shears are capable of cutting branches up to 1 ½” in diameter. Each battery lasts for up to 4 hours, and Rokrou comes equipped with 2 batteries for a full days’ worth of pruning. These shears are the perfect gift for any gardener, and will be especially appreciated by anyone with arthritis and hand or wrist pain.

An all-in-one kneeler, seat, garden bench and tool storage that folds up into a compact size for easy storage. This convenient seat is built with a reinforced frame for sturdiness, but is lightweight enough to carry out to your garden.

Equipped with a tool pouch for convenient storage, this kneeler and garden bench is a great gift for anyone – from senior gardeners all the way down to kids just starting out in the yard. We love this accessory for its versatility and compact storage.

This is a must have accessory for any gardener who likes to start their seeds indoors before planting out in the garden. This unique tray features 72 cells that hold pellets made from a coco coir growing medium that is perfect for seed starting. 

Our favorite feature of this tray is the self-watering function, which keeps the growing pellets consistently moist for seed germination. We do not have any issues with mold or fungus when using this tray, and we can go several days between watering! Our success rate is much higher when using this tray than it is when we sow seeds directly into pots.

“Oh I don’t need a tool to plant bulbs” is what I said before I tried using this bulb planter tool. Now, I truly can’t plant my bulbs without it! This bulb planter features heavy duty steel construction that can cut through roots and clay. Foot pedals allow your body weight to do the digging!

Planting bulbs can be done without ever having to bend over! This tool pulls out the soil plug, which falls from the side, then a bulb can be dropped through the top and into the hold. We have also used this bulb planter tool for transplanting tubers, lawn aeration, and removing weeds.

Never bend over to weed again! This product entered our home when I was 6 months pregnant (and very uncomfortable). I was able to get out in the garden again! This tool features four sharp spikes on the bottom, which digs into the dirt to remove weeds starting at the roots. 

This is easily one of our most used garden tools because, let’s face it, weeding never ends! This tool features an adjustable handle so the whole family can participate in weeding adventures. This is a great gift for gardeners of any age who will enjoy easy weed control.

This spot spreader is not exclusively for garden use, but ours does tend to end up in the garden shed more often than anywhere else! We use this spot spread for anything from grass seed to organic fertilizer and everything in between. It is made of a high quality plastic and has held up very well over the years. We even bought another one to spread salt in the winter!

We originally purchased this meter to measure our soil’s pH levels for blueberry plants. Quickly we discovered how versatile and necessary this tool is for gardening! Not only can it measure pH, but it can also measure moisture, sunlight exposure, and basic nutrient levels. Its small size makes it easy to store and add to your gardening pouch!

This handy device is a must-have for anyone growing fruit, vegetables, and grasses. It would make a great gift for gardeners of any experience level, as there is always room to improve on your gardening skills!

You would be shocked at the sheer volume of plants I’ve killed simply from under watering. As a mom, it’s hard to remember to take care of all the living creatures under your roof (and thankfully we tend to prioritize the tiny humans). I invested in a set of these stakes last year and my porch plants are very grateful I did!

The unique design of the stakes allows you to use any container of water as the water source. I typically just use my watering can since it’s already out there! The water is drawn up into the tube and drips out through the stake gradually, providing consistent moisture to the soil. This is a great investment for indoor plants too!

Our list would not be complete without including our son’s favorite garden tools! This adorable set by Cute Stone has been a hit with our little one. When we’re working out in the garden, our son is too! The set is made of a durable plastic that has help up for 2 seasons, including long stretches out in the hot sun. 

The wheelbarrow is definitely his favorite part of this set. He pushes it through the backyard with all of his tools in tow. Not only is this a great activity for him, but it also buys me more time out in the garden while still being able to be close to him.

Our Best Gardening Tools 

The best garden tools are those that are well-made, durable, and comfortable to use. Invest in high-quality tools that will last for years and make your gardening tasks easier and more enjoyable. These are some of our favorites, and we hope you’ll enjoy them too!

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